How old do I have to be to gamble at Portland Meadows?

Per Oregon State Law, you must be 18 years of age or older to make wagers on horse racing. You have to be 21 to play on the Oregon Video Lottery Terminals.

Do I have to buy tickets to get into Portland Meadows?

No. Anytime you want to visit the track, you simply come out and walk right through the door. Portland Meadows is truly one of the best and most affordable entertainment options in the City of Portland.

Are Children Welcome?

Of course! While children under the age of 18 are not allowed to bet, they are always welcome at Portland Meadows to experience the beauty of the horses and watching them run. Children are not allowed in two specific areas at Portland Meadows, the Paddock Bar as well as the Players' Den area, which houses our Oregon Video Lottery Terminals.

Is Portland Meadows accessible via Trimet Public Transportation?

Yes! We are located about 3/4 of a mile from the Max Yellow Line. You'll want to get off at the VanPort/Delta Park stop, which is the 2nd to last northbound stop. The walk from the VanPort/Delta Park stop to Portland Meadows is completely flat and takes about 12 minutes.

How many races per day are there?

There are generally 10 races per racing day at Portland Meadows. Races are run every 30 minutes or so, so generally an entire card of racing will last about four, four and a half hours from first post to last post.

Do you have onsite parking?

Yes we do! We have a very large parking lot and we never charge a parking fee at Portland Meadows. We also have numerous handicapped spots available in the front row directly in front of the main entrance.

Do you have Wheelchairs available for your guests?

No we do not, however every area of the track is wheelchair accessible. Whether you need to get to the paddock, the clubhouse level, or the Turf Club, there are elevators and ramps to all areas.

Are cameras, computers and cell phones allowed?

Yes they and we encourage guests to take pictures of the wonderful equine athletes at Portland Meadows. Computers are allowed in as well, however online wagering of any kind is not permitted on the Portland Meadows' grounds.

Does Portland Meadows allow Pets on the premises?

No we do not, with the exception of service dogs.

What time does Portland Meadows close?

Most days we are open from 9am to about 9pm. Closing time can vary a bit, but please refer to our simulcast schedule which lists closing time each day. Tuesdays we generally close about 5pm. To view simulcast calendar CLICK HERE http://www.portlandmeadows.com/horse-racing/simulcast-calendar

Are there designated smoking and non-smoking areas?

Per Oregon Law, patrons are not allowed to smoke anywhere indoors at Portland Meadows. We also do not allow smoking in the paddock area. Smoking is allowed outside on the front apron or outside of any door, as long as you are atleast 10 feet from any doorway.

Are there other forms of gambling at Portland Meadows other than Horse Racing?

We do feature 10 Oregon Video Lottery Terminals as well as all Lottery games at our Guest Services Counter.

Do you offer lessons for beginners who have never been to the races?

Our Guest Services Department is more than happy to assist you with a basic education on how to read a program, how to call out a bet to a teller, and any other questions you might have. If you have a small group coming to the races or would like more of a personal lesson during non-racing times, email our Guest Severices Headquarters and we'll set something up.

What are the minimum wagers at Portland Meadows?

To make a Win/Place/Show bet, the minimum wager you can make is $2. For all exotic wagers, like Exacta's, Trifecta's and Pick 3's, the minimum wager is $1. We do offer $0.10 Superfecta and $.20 Pick 4 wagering as well, however the total wager must be at least $1.

What are your current promotions and specials?

The best place to hear about current promotions is by clicking on the Portland Meadows Rewards tab on the main webpage. To view the Portland Meadows Rewards tab CLICK HERE: http://www.portlandmeadows.com/news-events/promotions/portland-meadows-r...

What is Portland Meadows Rewards?

It's a great way to earn great stuff like Wagering Vouchers, Great Portland Meadows Food and Beverages, Free Programs and much more. You accrue points from wagering with your Portland Meadows Rewards card, and you can cash out your points anytime. It's free to sign up and there are never any dues. Visit Guest Services Headquarters at Portland Meadows to sign up. To view Portland Meadows Rewards page CLICK HERE: http://www.portlandmeadows.com/news-events/promotions/portland-meadows-r...

What Food Options are there at Portland Meadows?

Portland Meadows has numerous great food and beverage options while your at the track. If your on the main level, you can order food at either the Paddock Bar or the Finish Line Cafe. Both have our entire Grill Menu available, as well as a wonderful Daily Special each day. For more information about Daily Specials and Menu Options CLICK HERE http://www.portlandmeadows.com/visit-track/dining/daily-food-specials. If you'd like to sit in our Turf Club you can always make reservations by calling 503-285-9144.

What Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express at any of our Dining or Bar areas. Wagering on the horses is cash only. We have ATM's located on each floor in the facility.

How can I learn about Employment Opportunities with Portland Meadows?

We're always accepting resumes, however any open positions are able to be viewed in our Job Listings section of the website which can be found HERE: http://www.portlandmeadows.com/about/job-opportunities