Daily Food Specials

Only $5.50 everyday!

Sunday May 17 thru May 23

Sunday May 17
Lime Fish Tacos

Three lime tilapia
fish tacos with homemade pico de gallo mozzarella cheese. And lime wedges on top of a corn tortilla. $5.50

Monday May 18
Soup and 1/2 Sandwich

A cup of split pea and ham soup with a 1/2 grilled ruben sandwich. $5.50

Tuesday May 19
Grilled Wonton Chicken Salad

Crispy wonton strips and grilled chicken on top of lettuce with almonds, sesame seeds, mandarin oranges, green onions and sesame ginger. $5.50

Wednesday May 20
Northwest Crab Cakes

Two jumbo crab cakes on a bed of fresh greens with cucumbers, tomatoes. Served with lemon aioli and huckleberry vinaigrette. $5.50

Thursday May 21
Teriyaki Chicken Bento

Grilled chicken breast with pineapple glaze sauce over steamed rice with green onions and fresh vegetables and a fortune cookie. $5.50

Friday May 22
Pot Roast

Beef pot roast with gravy and fresh vegetables, potatoes and onions, served in a bread bowl. $5.50

Saturday May 23
Buffalo Wings

Six crispy chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce. Served with carrots celery and ranch dressing with a side of hand cut french fries. $5.50


Sunday May 24 thru May 31

Sunday May 24
Grilled Ham and Egg Croissant Sandwich

Grilled ham served with lettuce, tomatoes and a scoop of egg salad on a toasted croissant, and a bag of potato chips on the side. $5.50

Monday May 25
FRotW - G3 Lone Star Handicap
Lone Star Park
Golden Brown Baked Chicken

Baked chicken served with mashed potatoes, brown gravy, corn on the cob and a dinner roll. $5.50

Tuesday May 26
Cranberry and Almond Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach lettuce with dried cranberries, toasted almonds, diced fresh apples and a side of huckleberry vinaigrette dressing. $5.50

Wednesday May 27
Sloppy Chuckwagon Burger

A grilled burger with green chilies, grilled onions, shredded cheddar cheese, tomatoes and lettuce served with a side of tater tots. $5.50

Thursday May 28
Grande Chimichanga

Ground beef, refried beans and cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and fried until crisp. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. $5.50

Friday May 29
Indian Summer Stew

Ground beef, onions, diced tomatoes and bell peppers. Served over cheddar mashed potatoes with a buttermiilk biscuit. $5.50

Saturday May 30
FRotW - Penn Mile
Penn National
Blackened Catfish Sandwich

Blackened catfish filet on a butter grilled bun with lettuce, tomatoes. Served with tartar sauce, lemon wedges and tangy coleslaw. $5.50