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Play the Ultimate ShowVivor Online Contest to win up to $25,000

Portland Meadows is excited to announce our newest contest, it’s the Ultimate ShowVivor Online Contest.  It’s free to sign up and play, very simple, tons of fun, and best of all, you can win up to $25,000 in cash!   Simply visit and under the ‘Racing Info” tab, you’ll find the ShowVivor Contest page.  Once you reach the page, you can visit the Contest Registration page and follow the prompts to sign up. 

Daily Specials

October 2 thru October 8

Feature Race of the Week


Portland Meadows Backstretch Tour on Saturday October 1st!--Fun for the Whole Family!

Have you ever wanted to see how the horse racing stars of the afternoon get ready for their races?  Well then join us at Portland Meadows on Saturday October 1st for our first Backstretch Tour of the season.  

$2,000 King/Queen of Alexander Greyhound Handicapping Tournament on Saturday September 24th, Sign up now!

This Saturday, September 24th, join us at Alexander OTB in Fairview for the biggest handicapping tournament of the year!  The $2,000 King/Queen of Alexander Handicapping Contest will be conducted from 5:00 to 8:30pm on Saturday Night and will feature an eight race series of races from Flagler and Jacksonville Greyhound Parks.  

Dan Camoro takes the first qualifier in the King/Queen of Alexander Handicapping Challenge

The sun was warm outside and the Greyhound action was hot and heavy inside, as 32 local dog racing handicappers set out on Saturday night to qualify for the $2,000 King/Queen of Alexander Greyhound Handicapping Championship coming up on September 24th.  Gerry Smith jumped right out to the front after two races as he picked the runner up in leg 1 from Flagler and then nailed the 5 to 1 winner in Leg 2 at Jacksonville.

Portland Meadows runner Devon Dat Cash wins B of A Emerald Downs Challenge Championship

Press Release Courtesy of Emerald Downs and Vince Bruun

Watch EVERY NFL Game, EVERY Sunday at Portland Meadows in our new Sports Lounge

Every Sunday during the NFL season we will have EVERY NFL game on our huge 50" big screen tv's.  Portland Meadows will be showcasing the NFL Sunday Ticket Package, but we won't just be showing some of the games, we'll be showing EVERY GAME!  Not only can you watch the game in style and comfort, but just look at all these great specials and events that will be going on EVERY SUNDAY!

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