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Sunday Football Challenge - Big Winners!

Sunday Football Challenge - Big Winners!

On Sunday November 17, 2013 the Sunday Football Challenge was finally won!  After going unclaimed for many weeks, the prize pool ballooned to $2,800 and there were 16 REWARDS members that had all seven football games and horse races correct.  They share in the prize pool and each get $175.

Congratulations to a job well done to the following winners:

  • Frank N.
  • Larry A.
  • Ted N.
  • Ken P.
  • Art R.
  • Brad B.
  • Maury L.
  • Joseph N.
  • James S.
  • Dennis W.
  • Dustin S.
  • June A.
  • Keith D.
  • Wai C.
  • Jay C.
  • Holli G.

The Sunday Football Challenge continues every Sunday at Portland Meadows through December 29, 2013 and is free for all REWARDS members.  The jackpot for next Sunday (November 24, 2013) has been reset to $1,000.