ShowVivor enters week 3 with 19 players still eligble for $25,000

ShowVivor enters week 3 with 19 players still eligble for $25,000

Portland Meadows ShowVivor contest is entering its third week and the starting field of 1892 players that begun on October 24th has been narrowed down to 227.   The contest sounds easy enough, pick one horse to show each day and move onto the next day.  But as 1665 players learned over the first six days of the contest, all it takes is one horse to not show up and run its best race or just a little bad racing luck and you can be out. 

There are 19 players currently tied for first place with 6 winning picks from 6 plays.  Included among those left is Toby Hyman of Tucson, Arizona, who has picked 6 straight winners.

“I certainly have no secrets as far as picking my horses,” said Hyman.  “I check the entries, check the connections and their records, and also look at track handicapper Matt Jukich’s selections.  That’s pretty much it, the rest has just been good luck.” 

Those 19 players that have picked all winners thus far are all still eligible for the $25,000 special prize if they can run the entire season with picking a winner each day.  The other 208 players alive in the contest are still eligible to win $10,000 if they can outlast everyone else in the contest and make the whole season.  If nobody can survive the entire season, the player who does last the longest will receive a $5,000 first prize.

Paul Winick of Southern California has been a regular in ShowVivor contests at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park, and has had some success, but is still looking to breakthrough with a win, and is watching Portland Meadows races for the first time this season.

“I play these contests in Southern California,” said Winick.  “I found out about the Portland Meadows contest and thought ‘why not?’”  “I’ve been doing well so far, I like to watch the top three or four jockeys and see where they are at, I like Javier Matias so far, he seems to be a good rider up there.  In the end, you just gotta get lucky.” 

ShowVivor enters week 3 with racing cards on Monday 11/7, Tuesday 11/8, and Wednesday 11/9.   Fans can track the latest showvivor standings by clicking here