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People's Horse Central


Here is some video I shot this morning of my buddy Taylor Jones, last years' People's Horse in his first day back at the track since sustaining his minor injury last winter.  He looks good (a little portly) but he is still so friendly and sweet.

People's Horse Update (Mystacallie)

I had a couple of email inquiries about Mystacallie and her return to the races on Saturday, so I wanted to share with you some information I got.  Unfortunately Mystacallie’s pregnancy had to be aborted recently for health reasons, and since it was too late in the breeding season  to re-breed her, her new owners elected to put her back in training and run her at Grants Pass this past Saturday.  I was told by a few people who were at the races that she looked in good shape and good spirits and that during the race she loomed up like she was going to start making a move, but flattened out late and finished fifth. 

I’ll keep you posted if any other news regarding Mystacallie comes out, but from what I’ve been told she’s in good health and all together quite happy.