My Mounts with Tim Neal - Sun. Aug. 26

My Mounts with Tim Neal - Sun. Aug. 26

My Mounts is a daily feature where Track Announcer Jason Beem talks with a jockey to get their thoughts on the horses they will be riding for a particular live race day. Our Guest today is 44 year old rider Tim Neal who is enjoying a fine comeback year here at Portland Meadows. Tim was a regular rider here for years, and came back to Portland Meadows full time this Summer Meet. He’s got 13 wins from 69 starts and is riding eight of the nine races on Sunday 8/26/12.

Race 1 Gold N Goose

“Last time he was in the one hole and he was in there forever, he stood there once they finally popped he just stood there for a second. The other horses threw dirt in his face and he didn’t know what to do, so I just grabbed a hold of him and thought “wait til next time”. Drawing the 5 hole will help him cause he won’t have to be in the gate too long.”

Race 2 Cowboys First Review

“Haven’t ridden this horse before, but he’s taking a major step down, he’s not having to run against horses like Sissis Little Nipper, Chicks Loveta Giggle, Chicks Special Angel and Sola Gratia. I look to see what riders have done well on the horse and I’ll try and emulate what they did. If they throw the reins away I’ll throw the reins away, if they scream I’ll scream. Whatever the horse likes and runs well with.”

Race 3 Red Court

“He hopped last time at the break pretty good. We have the one hole and put the blinkers on for Rolland and Debbie today. Last time he got dirt thrown in his face and I let him get that dirt and learn from it. He’s training way better than before and hopefully he’ll just break out of the gate well and we’ll be long gone.”

Race 4 Mint City

“I really think she’ll win, she’s getting a nice class drop. Boys have trouble running down a lone filly on the lead, I have no idea why, but they never seem to and she’s running against the boys.”

Race 5 Blazing Sea

“First time riding this horse. I used to watch her mom Burning Sea from behind a lot, she could sure run. I’m going to do the same thing that the riders used to do to her mama, get on the rail and scream at her and hopefully she’ll do like her mama did and take off.”

Race 7 Eighty Eight

“This is a tough old horse, he’s only 6 but seems like he’s been running forever. He’s a total speed horse, so with him we’ll just try and go. It looks like the only speed horse is right inside of us, so we can just lap onto him if necessary, which is good.”

Race 8 Court Mischief

“I breezed him the other day and he went really nice, I just sat there and never asked him to move. There was something strange about that last race he was in, it was just a weird run race, and I don’t hold that one against him. This is a tough race but it should set up nice, cause so many of the other horses have lots of speed, and I’m on a closer.”

Race 9 Brian’s Music Box

“I don’t understand this horse, he should have won already. I’ve ridden him a bunch and each time I think he’s sitting on a win, he just doesn’t. I gotta hope he runs the race he wants to run and bears down for me, cause he’s due.”