My Mounts - Mon Sept 3 - Anne Sanguinetti

My Mounts - Mon Sept 3 - Anne Sanguinetti

My Mounts is a daily feature where Track Announcer Jason Beem talks with a jockey to get their thoughts on the horses they will be riding for a particular live race day. Today our guest is jockey Anne Sanguinetti, who is enjoying a very strong meet here this season, currently second in the standings. Anne rode here back in 2005 and 2006 and took the Portland Mile with Charlie’s Pride. She spent the last years travelling and riding in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and California.

Race 1 Midnight Maggie
“Yeah I really like this little horse, I obviously liked her enough to go up to emerald and ride her. She learned a ton of things in that race and made a huge run at the end once she figured out what was happening. I love the added distance for her in this race. Linda (trainer Bartles Northam) does a really a great job and I haven’t ridden for her much yet, but she does such a great job.”

Race 5 Laurasmadagain
“I think they are hoping that the distance is something that will help her. She’s kind of a one paced horse and she acts like she has just the one speed. We’re all hoping that the mile will help her out.”

Race 6 Angels Can Be Wild
“I breezed this horse and really liked her. It was one of those workouts when I got off the horse and I thought “if I don’t get to ride this horse, somebody’s head is gonna roll LOL. She’s such a neat filly and she really seemed to like the track. I feel like she’s going to be a good one.”

Race 8 All About the Jake
“I have to watch the replays on this horse cause I haven’t ridden him before. I feel like he looks alright on paper, and what I like about riding for Nick Lowe, is he always tells me something about his horses that is very helpful when I haven’t ridden his horse before.

Race 9 Perusethenews
“He’s a cool horse, he’s definitely the one I wanted to be on in there. I think he loves the distance, I love that he has more seasoning than a lot of the other horses in the race. He’s a very enthusiastic horse, I took him out the other day and he’s a horse that really seems to love doing his job.”

Race 10-Portland Mile- When We Met
“I’ve been riding this horse for a long time now. He’s just like driving a car. He goes wherever you want him to go and he’ll do whatever you need him to do. I think of him as an Olympic Alternate, he’s almost fast enough to go with the really fast horses, but just not quite. I mean he ran second to Game on Dude. This is a good spot for him cause it’s a bit of a class drop without having to put him in for a claim. The race doesn’t need to set up a certain way, he can do whatever the race dictates. He hasn’t a lot of chance to train on this track, but I sure do like him.”