My Mounts 8/24/12 with Marijo Terleski

My Mounts 8/24/12 with Marijo Terleski

My Mounts is a daily feature where Track Announcer Jason Beem talks with a jockey to get their thoughts on the horses they will be riding for a particular live race day.

Marijo Terleski has been a fixture at Portland Meadows and the Northwest racing scene since she started riding back in 1980. When speaking to Marijo this morning I told her I was born the day Mt. St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980 and she started laughing and said she was galloping horses at Longacres that morning when the mountain blew at 8:32 AM, just starting out her career as I was starting my life literally one mile from Longacres. Small world huh?

Marijo has been enjoying another strong season at Portland Meadows with 7 wins from just 38 starts, good for an 18% winning percentage. I asked Marijo to talk about each of her mounts for the Friday August 24th card at Portland Meadows….Here is what she had to say.


“I love this horse, and if things go well for him this race, I think he’ll win. He’s such a hard trying horse. Linda (Trainer Linda Bartels Northam) is such a good hand and horse person, she’s good at everything. I love riding for Linda, she always knows what she has. This horse was a little bewildered his first time out and he’s not the sharpest breaker in the world. He figured it out and just came flying. I allowed him to figure it out in his debut. I didn’t pressure him and wanted to let him figure it out. Sometimes with those babies you have to just let them figure it out on their own.”


“I’ve worked this horse and I really like him. In fact when I came back from my hip surgery this was the first horse I worked and I really fell in love with him. I wanted to ride him but I wasn’t released by the doctor. I watched him two times back and he ran second, it was a good race with April Boag on board. April went down to Ferndale so I was really excited to get the call on this horse.”


“Jonathan (Trainer Jonathan Nance) and I did great last year and we’ve had some good success, I’m so glad to be back in the barn this season. He does a great job and he’s a great trainer. I’ve been on this horse in the morning. He’s got pretty decent speed and I expect him to be up or near the lead. Jimmy The Cat is going to be tough in this race and I saw Luis Torres chose to ride him. I’m not sure why Luis is riding the other horse, but I’m happy to be on this one. My agent said Jonathan wanted me on the horse, so I’m happy to be on it.”

ONCE, Race 9

“I don’t know anything about this horse, I know if my agent put me on him he must be live. I trust my agent Marbles (Agent David Singer) so much, so I let him do the work and I show up and ride what he wants me to. I’ll just talk to Bob (Trainer Bob Lawrence) in the paddock and look in the form to see what the horse likes and the dynamics of the race. When you get on them in the post parade and warm up you can get a sense of how they are feeling. So with this horse I’ll have to wait until the race starts to know how he feels going fast. As much as I like to get on a horse before riding them in a race, with this horse shipping in I don’t have that option, but I’m very comfortable getting on horses for the first time in a race, I’ve done it hundreds of times.”