Horseplay - Coloring Contest

Horseplay - Coloring Contest

Every Sunday is extra special at Portland Meadows as it is KUPL Country 98.7 Family Fun Day.

One of the great “Family Fun” events for the little ones is a coloring contest with a new picture each week.

It is free to enter and the top five selections in each age category – as judged by Portland Meadows – will be posted on our Facebook page by Tuesday.

Age Categories:
0 to 6 years old
7 to 11 years old

The fans will decide who the winner is by voting for their favorite picture. The picture with the most votes wins.

Contest voting closes at noon on the Friday after each Family Fun Day.

The winner of each age category will win a $25 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card.

Winners will be notified and the gift card will be available to be picked up from Portland Meadows’ new Horseplay – Kids Zone on the second floor Clubhouse the following Sunday afternoon.

The first contest is now open so please check out the Portland Meadows Facebook page and vote for your favorite!