Dan Camoro takes the first qualifier in the King/Queen of Alexander Handicapping Challenge

Dan Camoro takes the first qualifier in the King/Queen of Alexander Handicapping Challenge

The sun was warm outside and the Greyhound action was hot and heavy inside, as 32 local dog racing handicappers set out on Saturday night to qualify for the $2,000 King/Queen of Alexander Greyhound Handicapping Championship coming up on September 24th.  Gerry Smith jumped right out to the front after two races as he picked the runner up in leg 1 from Flagler and then nailed the 5 to 1 winner in Leg 2 at Jacksonville.

"I try to stick to dogs breaking from the middle of the track," said Smith.  "Five is my favorite number, so if i can't seperate them by handicapping, i'll take the five!"

Newcomer Dan Camoro picked the winners of both the second and third races of the 8 race series and briefly jumped into the lead after three races, but Smith came right back at him and picked the winners of races 5 and 6, albeit both favorites.

(Gerry Smith led going into the final leg, but got caught at the last jump.  Here he is pictured with track announcer Jason Beem)

As Alexander proprietor Anestis Polizos entertained the crowd with his witty charm and delicious $5 players buffet, it was a wide open contest coming into the last race, a 550 yard event from Jacksonville.  As the dogs broke the number 7 dog went right to the lead, and did so at odds of 11 to 1.  You could hear a few players from throughout the facility start hollering, because their hopes of qualifying for the finals were all on this dog's nose! 

As they hit the wire, the 7 dog won and catapulted Eric Gustafson up to third place, Jerry Schoeberlein to second and gave Dan Camoro the victory, by just $.60!! 

(Eric Gustafson moves onto the finals with a 3rd place finish)

(Jerry Schoeberlien continues his solid dog handicapping with a 2nd place finish)

Dan Camoro took home the top prize and qualified for the $2,000 finals!

Results from 9/3/11 qualifier

Dan Camoro---$70.40

Jerry Schoeberlien---$69.80

Eric Gustafson---$50.20

Gerry Smith---$46.60

Jerry Leibertz---$42.20