Bob Moffett takes home the $4,500 top prize in Portland Meadows ShowVivor Online Contest

Bob Moffett takes home the $4,500 top prize in Portland Meadows ShowVivor Online Contest

Bob Moffett outlasted 2,111 opponents as he took home the top prize of $4,500 in Portland Meadows 2013 ShowVivor Online Contest. The contest began back on August 14, 2013 and required players to select one horse on the card that they thought would finish in one of the top three spots. If a player’s selection hit the board, they “survived” and were eligible to continue playing on the next day. If the horse ran fourth or worse, then the player was eliminated out of the contest. Moffett had twenty seven straight days of picking horses who hit the board, and on November 13th, it was just him and one other player left competing for the top prize.

“These last couple of race days were pretty scary,” said Moffett.

The 58 year-old Grants Pass, Oregon resident selected a horse named Mary Jeanene in the first race on Wednesday November 20th. His rival selected Shakalaka in the fourth race. Moffett’s horse never threatened, running sixth and beaten 21 lengths by the winner.

“My horse was beautifully bred and I thought she ran a good race last time and would run even better this time,” said Moffett. “She didn’t fire. I thought I was toast.”

Moffet had to wait around a little over an hour to see how Shakalaka would fair in the fourth race. If he hit the board, then Moffitt would finish second and collect no money for his efforts. If he finished off the board it would come down to a tie-breaker.

“I was zoned in on watching Shakalaka that entire race,” said Moffett. “When the rider started asking him on the turn and he wasn’t responding, I started to feel pretty good.”

Shakalaka finished off the board in seventh place. Since the last two players were eliminated on the same race day, the ShowVivor online contest would be settled by the tie-breaker of who had the highest cumulative show payouts from the duration of contest coming into the day.
Moffett’s horses had paid a total of $61.70 to show leading into that day, his one remaining rival had $61.50. Just twenty cents more in the bankroll led to Moffitt taking home the $4,500 top prize.

Moffett grew up in Southern California and got his start playing the races at Hollywood Park, where he said he would often skip school once he got his license to go out to the races. He moved up to Grants Pass, Oregon in the 1980’s and became friends with Don Jackson, who was a top breeder in Oregon for decades.

“During those years I used to jet up to Portland Meadows all the time,” said Moffett. “I’d get off work and speed up the freeway and watch the night racing on Friday night and stay all weekend. I’ve always liked playing Portland Meadows. The bigger tracks have always been tougher for me, and handicapping Portland Meadows certainly changed a bit when they moved to the summer racing.”

Moffett said he employed several strategies when playing the ShowVivor Online Contest.

“I tried to plan ahead and look at the weather and see how I thought the track would play each day,” said Moffett. “I think you have to be pretty conservative in ShowVivor, but I always tried to avoid the horse that most people were taking on some days. I always tried to pick the less obvious horses. I wanted a horse that would be running hard at the end. I wasn’t even necessarily even looking for the winner of the race, just the horse that would come running at the end and hit the board. I honestly never even had any real close calls throughout the contest.”

Moffett said he’ll continue to watch and play the races at Portland Meadows for the rest of the season and hopes to defend his crown in the contest next year. As far as the money is concern, the timing is perfect.

“I work in Grants Pass doing property maintenance and there isn’t a lot of work in the winter-time, so this money will sure come in handy,” said Moffett.

Here were Bob’s Selections for the entire contest:

Nov 20 1        01 Mary Jeanene (KY)
Nov 17 6        06 Maddie's Gold (OR)
Nov 13 10      03 Mamoonya (CA)
Nov 10 2       04 Ba See Spot Run (OR)
Nov 06 1       03 Brave Spark (BC)
Nov 03 9       08 Calypsonoted (OR)
Oct 30 9        02 All the Rage (KY)
Oct 27 5        04 Keepherrockin (OR)
Oct 23 1       06 Chess Queen (WA)
Oct 20 5       01 Truly a Gem (OR)
Oct 16 2       01 Our Little Hen (KY)
Oct 13 4       02 Cascade Dynamite (OR)
Oct 09 1       02 Sydney On My Mind (OR)
Oct 06 2        01 Flyin Lion (WA)
Oct 02 2        06 Slewnerorlater (OR)
Sep 29 9       02 Havin a Good Day (WA)
Sep 25 1      06 Demonaire (WA)
Sep 22 2      01 Chanac (OR)
Sep 18 1      01 Our Little Hen (KY)
Sep 15 7      03 Ms. Sutherland (KY)
Sep 11 10   03 Car Talk (IRE)
Sep 04 8    06 January's Lady (CA)
Sep 02 2    06 Wild N Sexy (UT)
Aug 28 1    05 Bumpy (WA)
Aug 25 9    03 Callthenoise Ariah (KY)
Aug 21 2    01 Mrs. Corcoran (CA)
Aug 18 7    02 Plum Naked (WA)