Artist Wendy R. Swartz Commissioned to Paint 2012 Portland Mile Winner

Artist Wendy R. Swartz Commissioned to Paint 2012 Portland Mile Winner

Portland Meadows and local artist Wendy R. Swartz have teamed up to provide the winner of the Portland Mile a special memento of the victory.

New in 2012, Portland Meadows has commissioned Ms. Swartz to create one of her unique and beautiful horse paintings on wood. The Portland Mile will be run on Labor Day, Monday September 3, 2012 and Ms. Swartz will be onsite to meet the winning connections. This will begin the process that will culminate with a personal memento for the owners of Portland Meadows’ signature race that will last a lifetime.

Wendy R. Swartz

When speaking of her daughter’s love of horses, Wendy’s mother says, “She was riding horses before she was born and drawing them as soon as she could hold a crayon”.

Growing up on a small farm in Texas, Wendy was fortunate to have horses in her back yard. She was always drawn to horses with big personalities. Littlebit, her favorite horse growing up, would never pick up the right lead, but she loved her freckles, pink nose and respected her threshold for hot salsa. As she got older, she began to look at the relationship between horse and owner, and how that has changed over time. Her experience was that horses in the U.S. have become more about companionship, hobby and sport than transportation and work power. She began to focus more on the personalities and expressions of the horses she drew, relating it to a personal experience or imagining a scenario. It was this new perspective that found her spending more and more time on a drawing and more confidence in knowing when the piece was finished.