Announcer and now AUTHOR Jason Beem

Announcer and now AUTHOR Jason Beem

Our good friend and colleague Jason Beem has great news:  He is about to be published!

Here is the release from his publisher.

Pandamoon Publishing of Austin, Texas is proud to announce that we have signed Jason Beem for his literary novel titled SOUTHBOUND. Based on his own painful journey with a gambling addiction, the book follows Ryan McGuire, a horse racing announcer who faces his gambling demons on a daily basis. Just one bet could cost him everything…his job, his friends, his fans, his girlfriend, and even his own life. Despite knowing that all he loves is on the line, he succumbs to his vices and his life quickly spirals out of control. He’s on a straight path southbound to rock bottom and only he has the power to stop it.

Please join us in congratulating Jason on a wonderful novel that shows us the inside track on horse racing. Stay tuned for updates as we work our way to a Winter 2013 launch. Follow Jason on Twitter @Jason Beem and be sure to like his Facebook page at . Jason's webpage for the book is at

"I'm very excited to be working with Pandamoon on the publishing of Southbound," said Beem. "Although it's a novel and the story is one of fiction, so much of it is based on my own struggles with addiction, anxiety and loss. My hope is that racing fans and literary fans alike will enjoy the story. It was really my goal to portray Horse Racing and my love and struggle with the sport in an honest way, all while telling a story of how I felt things could have played out If I hadn't made some changes in my life."