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ALEXANDER 2013 Summer Handicapping Series

ALEXANDER 2013 Summer Handicapping Series

The Alexander Summer Handicapping Series kicked off on Saturday, featuring races from Southland Greyhound Park and Flagler Park. 33 entries battled for the $200 dollar prize pool and the free entries to the series finale. It was newcomer Rich Straub who found the winner of the first 3 races, got out to a commanding lead and never looked back. Rich hit a total of 5 out of 8 races and blew the competition away with a final total of $96.20 earning himself the first prize of $120 and an entry into the Final on September 28, 2013.

Bob Cody made a late push upon the switch to Flagler, scoring in each race there and picking the winner in 3 of the 4 contest races. The Flagler dominance earned Bob $48.20, good enough for 2nd place, the $60 prize, and a Finale entry as well.

Jerry Liebertz also made a strong final push hitting the last 2 races of the contest to earn $42.80, a score good enough for 3rd place and the $20 prize.

Leg 2. Saturday August 17, 2013 - $200 Qualifying leg
Leg 3. Saturday September 7, 2013 - $200 Qualifying leg
Leg 4. Saturday September 28, 2013 - $1500 Finale