2014 Alexander Derby Prep: Leg 1 Results

2014 Alexander Derby Prep: Leg 1 Results

Alexander OTB ushered in the Triple Crown season on February 22 with first qualifying leg of the 2014 Kentucky Derby Prep Series. Players dove into the contest races that featured the Risen Star Grade II race at Fair Grounds Race Course. Of the 37 entries, it was Walt Yerks that took the top prize of $120 and secured his free entry into the Final on April 12, 2014.

Newcomer Jamie Bishop also scored herself a free entry to final as well as the second prize of $60. Podium hound Ernie Spadafore found himself $20 for another 3rd place finish.

Leg #2 will take place March 8th with the San Felipe and other selected races from Tampa Bay Downs, starting at 11:30 AM.


Winner: Walt Yerks $120 + Free entry to Final


2nd place: Jamie Bishop $60 + Free entry to Final


3rd place: Ernie Spadafore $20