2013/14 Portland Meadows end of year release

2013/14 Portland Meadows end of year release

Portland Meadows’ forty-nine day live racing season ended on Sunday January 26, 2014 concluding the 67th season of live racing that got underway on July 21st.

“We worked together with our partners in racing and with their financial support along with a reduction in live race days we were able to significantly raise purses on a daily basis,” said Portland Meadows General Manager Will Alempijevic. “The increased purses had a clear positive affect on the quality and appeal on our live races. Combined with a shift in our racing schedule to focus on customer demand and the availability of horse supply we realized significant year over year increases in handle.”

All sources handle totaled $22,438,272 during the 2013/14 meet for an average daily handle of $457,924. This represents a 49.56% increase from the average daily handle of $306,182 from the 60 live race day 2012 summer/fall meet.

A total of $2,722,760 was paid in out in purses during the season for an average purse payout of $56,724 per race day. This represents an increase from last season’s per race day payout which was $39,558.

The average number of starters per race increased from 6.72 during the 2012 meet to 7.56 this season.

On the track, jockey Eliska Kubinova took home her first riding title as she led the Thoroughbred standings with 55 wins. Jim Fergason had 34 wins to win the Thoroughbred training title. Joe Crispin took home the Quarter Horse riding title with 15 scores while Juan Sanguino was both leading trainer with 13 wins and owner with 6 wins in the Quarter Horse standings.