2012 Summer/Fall Meet - End of Year Release

2012 Summer/Fall Meet - End of Year Release

Portland Meadows’ sixty day live racing season ended on Sunday December 9, 2012 concluding the first Summer/Fall meet run at the track. Thousands of new customers came out and enjoyed live racing in warm weather, many for their first time.

“The goal of the change in our racing schedule was to rejuvenate peoples’ interest in horse racing,” said Portland Meadows General Manager William Alempijevic. “And mission accomplished! The atmosphere at the track on a live race day was special; completely different from recent meets. We built a strong foundation with our first meet under the new schedule”

All sources handle totaled $18,370,901 during the 2012 Summer/Fall meet season for an average daily handle of $306,182. This represents a 51.66% decrease from the average daily handle of $690,911 from the 55 live race day 2011-12 meet. The drop in all sources handle was attributed to sharply lower export sales and was expected as a trade off with rejuvenating the local market’s interest in live racing.

A total of $2,373,500 was paid in out in purses during the season for an average purse payout of $39,558 per race day.

The average number of starters per race decreased to 6.72 from 7.70 last season.

On the track, jockey Luis Torres swept both the Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred standings, with 109 total wins. Jonathan Nance took home the Thoroughbred training title with 48 wins, while Juan Sanguino led the Quarter Horse trainer standings with 20 wins, good for his second consecutive title.