Portland Taco and Tequilla Festival

Portland Taco and Tequilla Festival

Sun, 2017-08-27


Join us for Portland's LARGEST celebration of the TACO!

We are coming with a weekend full of flavors, fun and insane entertainment. Picture your family and friends enjoying the best TACOS in Portland, ALL IN ONE PLACE. Now add great live music, Lucha Libre Wrestling, Daredevil Chihuahua Racing, Live game shows and so much more!

  • Tacos y Tequila The best tacos vendors in Portland, the finest tequilas in the world, and you! Each taco vendor has a $2 taco on offer, and our festival margaritas will remove your sombrero!
  • Chihuahua Racing What’s the size of a hoagie, and as fast as a lightning bolt? THE CHIHUAHUA! Cheer on these pint sized competitors as they battle for speed supremacy!
  • Lucha Libre Wrestling Nothing says Portland like masked men wrestling near tacos – ok, maybe there are other things that say “Portland” better than lucha libre – but lucha libre will kick that thing’s ass!

Visit PORTLAND TACO FESTIVAL for more details and prices


Portland Meadows seeking food vendors for their summer special events
Please contact Nancy Ocks at nancy.ocks@portlandmeadows.com if interested