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Steward's Report

WEDNESDAY, 10/15/2014

The Stewards posted the objection sign following the 3rd race, at the request of Jockey Marcelo Cardoso who rode the second place finisher #1 “SAM JAM”. Cardoso alleged interference from the winner #5 “BIG BLACK CAT” and Jockey Leonel Camacho-Flores at the 1/8 pole.

The films show that Cardoso shifted out from behind Flores of his own volition and with no visible reason to do so, as the hole along the rail was big enough to drive two horses through. Accordingly, no change was warranted.

SUNDAY, 10/12/2014

The Stewards posted the inquiry sign immediately following the 4th race, in order to review two separate incidents during the 350 yard Quarter Horse “Director’s Handicap”.

The first incident occurred at the start where #6 “EL LABERINTO” broke out with Jockey Eduardo Sosa and bumped hard with #7 “FLYIN LION” who broke in at the start with Jockey Marcelo Cardoso. The films reflect that the contact was a 50/50 exchanged and that #7, who was the eventual unofficial winner, got turned in due to the contact rendering him blameless for the incident.

The second incident took place approaching the 1/16 pole where #7 drifted out under left hand urging and encroached into the path of the third place finisher #9 “BP TAKEM AWAY” and Jockey Juan Pulido forcing the latter to check off heels causing him to lose position, momentum and the opportunity at a better placing.

For that action #7 was disqualified from first and placed third behind #9.